Steamy Dreamwork Ritual for the New Moon

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Dreams are powerful tools for guidance. Dreamwork is a practice that has been an essential tool in healing and understanding my life purpose. Who am I and what is my role in all of this? Why do I carry this pain? How do I deal with xyz situation? All questions that have been answered with dreams. Through dreams and journeys I connect with plant spirits and ancestors who help direct me on the path of healing and realizing personal goals.

Performing dreamwork rituals in particular, helps one to develop intuition and deepen your connection to helpful spirit guides. 

Try this simple ritual for developing your Dreamwork practice and receiving guidance from your guides. 


For 3 nights (or 6 if you want to go really deep) in a row you’ll give yourself an herbal facial steam, pay attention to your dreams, and stay open to guidance associated with the question you ask or intention you set.

The Details

Begin by blending your herbs in and storing them in a container. Here’s the blend:

Dreamy Herbal Facial Steam Blend

1 part mugwort (omit if you are pregnant)

2 parts tulsi basil

2 parts rose

1 part lavender

2 parts chamomile

You’ll use 3 tablespoons of herbs each night so if you use a tablespoon as one part you’ll blend just enough for the ritual. 

Prepare your Ritual Space

I like to create a dedicated space for any ritual I perform that way all of my ritual tools are ready to go each night. For this ritual you’ll want to keep a small dreamwork altar next to the bed. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A white candle

  • A towel or shawl for the facial steam

  • Incesnse if you would like to do a smoke offering for your guides

  • A glass of water to invite helpful spirits in

  • Your favorite dreamwork crystal

Each night you can light the candle and burn your incense before sitting down to do your steam. You’ll want to do the steam in a place away from the candle to avoid any accidents. 

Herbal Facial Steam Instructions: 

  1. Bring a 2 quarts of water to a boil, then add herbs, cover, and reduce to a simmer.

  2. Simmer for 10 minutes.

  3. Turn off heat.

  4. Give the herbs a couple minutes steep.

  5. Pour the contents of the pot in to a heat-safe bowl. Place your face about 12 inches above the bowl and drape a towel or scarf over your head to trap the steam. Please do not burn yourself. If the steam is still too hot back off until it reaches a comfortable temperature.

  6. Allow the steam to bathe your face and neck for about 5-10 minutes.

  7. Speak your question or intention in to the bowl of steaming herbs. This is where you are calling on the spirit of the plants to help you. You may also wish to express your gratitude for their guidance.

  8. Remove the towel, raise your head, and take a few breaths of fresh air. Place the bowl if steam herbs next to your bed.

  9. Follow up with your favorite toner.

Falling asleep with the herbs in the room with you allows their fragrance and energy to fill the room. Now your entire dream space is full of the intention you set. Before settling into the dream space, clarify your question or intention. Speak it aloud. Make sure your dream journal (or whatever you’ll be using to record your dreams upon waking) is next to the bed and gently blow out your candle. Sweet dreams.

In the morning you can pour the bowl of herbs out (preferably outside, back to the earth). Though this is a dreamwork ritual you may receive messages and guidance in your day-to-day waking life in the form of synchronicities or visions. Pay attention to events or situations that come up for you as often times, we are presented with situations that are very much connected to the questions we ask or intentions we’ve set.

While I’m calling this a new moon ritual, this ritual can be performed at anytime. I like to time my rituals around times where we are naturally more open to guidance. With the new moon you can think of it as being a time when we are leaning into guidance from within. With no moonlight filling the sky, we are in the dark, in the dark we are more connected to guidance from the unseen.

Another powerful time for performing dreamwork rituals are the 6 days before the menstrual cycle starts. We’ve all felt that heightened sensitivity just before our cycles start. Use that time to ask questions about your life, anything you are uncertain about, or general guidance on how to make the most of your time walking on this earth.

Sweet dreaming my love.