New Moon in Sagittarius Reading

New Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Reading

"Sacred Jaguar teach me... to wear my power lightly, to walk with impeccability, to approach life with compassion, and to live up to the integrity of human potential" - Sams & Carson

Channeled message: We are all shifting into alignment. We are moving into healing, compassion, and truth. This walk of the jaguar speaks of walking in alignment and integrity to our highest truth.

As this year comes to a close we are entering the new year with a sense of readiness for stepping on to our path. You may be a good time to think of what you want to study or experience that will bring you closer to the goals you've set for yourself. This is a great time to explore new relationships as well. How are you showing up in relationships?

The death card portends the beginning of the end. If you feel as though you are in a shadow period right now the light may begin peeking through between this new moon and the upcoming full moon in Cancer on the 1st of January. Use this time to set your intentions around studies, exploration, and healthy relationships. As you do, what is not in alignment will surely be revealed.

With the 6 of pentacles theres an element of balanced exchange of energy. It also speaks of giving, but not something store-bought. This is about expressing love and compassion in whatever way that means to you. What is it that you have to give to others? This new moon is about cultivating your gifts and talents to share with others and doing so with integrity. Honor your truth by taking steps to embody your fullest self.

Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.