Cancer New Moon Eclipse Ritual

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New moons are a chance for a new beginning. The upcoming new moon in Cancer is a portal for increasing intuition, creating new self-care rituals, connecting with your emotions, and regulating your menstrual cycle. I'm calling this new moon the Womb Moon. The womb is where we receive warmth and nurturance from our mothers, it's where we hold emotions, and it connects us to our intuition.

If your cycle is imbalanced it effects the emotions, physical body, and how we see ourselves. This moon gives us a chance to reconnect to our cycles, create self-care practices that can regulate them, and deepen our intuition. We are intrinsically connected to the moon. The moon is a powerful water energy that rules our emotions. It's at home in the sign of cancer which is also connected to the womb, emotions, breasts, stomach, and intuition.

The moon also rules menstruation. Spending time in the moon and honoring the natural cycles of light and dark can help get an irregular cycle on track. Even though a new moon means a dark sky, the energy will still have a powerful influence on our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

With cancer being the most nurturing sign in the zodiac, we will be extremely tuned into caring for our bodies and emotions. With Mars in retrograde, this is another call for us to slow down and pay attention to our bodies. Add the strength of the solar eclipse and you have a stellar womb moon combination. 

The womb is the sacred cradle of life. It’s the fertile ground from which our desires come to life, our creation center.  The womb also carries trauma and pain of this life and past lives. This can be expressed in the form of menstrual pain, irregular cycles, and/or emotional pain. 

Consider this new moon to be an opportunity to reset your cycle and nurture your womb. It’s a time for healing reconnection, and restoring our creation center.

Moonrise Ritual

To get the most from this moon it’s best to keep up with a regular routine of nutrition, herbs, and self-care. Make your moon (menstrual cycle) part of your daily ritual. 

Intention: to regulate my menstrual cycle, connect with my power of creation, nurture my body, emotions, and intuition. 

What you’ll need:

  • Pen and Journal
  • A few candles (enough to light your space without the use of artificial light)
  • Rose geranium and/or frankincense essential oils
  • Moon Bath Herbs: 
    • 3 parts red raspberry leaf
    • 2 parts damiana 
    • 1 part mugwort (not for use in pregnancy) 
    • 1 part yarrow
    • 1 part jasmine flowers
    • 2 parts red rose petals

The Ritual: prepare your space to keep the lights off when the sun goes down. Put your candles in a safe place and have your matches ready. 

Once the sun goes down you’ll be disconnecting from any artificial light. That means no tv, phone, or electronic devices. If you’d like to take it a step further you can unplug anything in an outlet in your bedroom as well. This reduces the amount of electromagnetic frequencies in your space. EMF's negatively impact the body's natural signals and intuition. Before the sun goes down, crack some windows and clear the energies in your space with whatever burnable herbs, resins, or incense you have access to. Once your space is cleared you can close the windows. 

Add 6 tablespoons of your moon bath blend to a pot with 2 quarts of cool water. Bring them to a low simmer and cover the pot. Allow it to simmer very low for 15 mins then turn off heat. Draw your bath.* 

Once your bath is ready strain the herbs into the bathtub. If desired, add a few drops of essential oils to the bath.

* If you don't have a bathtub you can partake in a spiritual bath or sitz bath instead. 

Once the brew has cooled to a temperature that is warm enough to touch, strain them and pour into a jar or pitcher that you can take to the shower. After showering pour the brew over you while speaking your intentions for connection to your womb. Allow yourself to air dry. If you can dry naked under the stars, that’s even better. 

For the sitz bath, strain the herbs into a large stainless steel bowl thats big enough for you to sit in. Once the brew is just cool enough to sit in, have a seat and focus on your intention. 

After your bath, try to spend some time under the dark night sky. If that is not possible you can go straight to the journaling. Remember, no screens or artificial light. Do all of your journaling by candle light and enjoy the sensuality of the night.

Moon Journal Questions:

  • Do you feel connected to your power of creation? 
  • Do you feel blockages to creation? This could be in the form of ideas you want to manifest or fertility.
  • Is your cycle connected to the natural rhythms of the earth, sun, and moon? 
  • When do you ovulate?* 
  • Do you bleed with the new moon or the full moon? 
  • What time of the month am I most connected to my emotions and psychically aware? How can I better utilize this time and tap into my psychic abilities? Hint: divination, meditation, trusting your gut feelings...

* If you are having trouble answering this question try working with the fertility awareness method or booking a one-on-one consultation with me.

These questions can help you create a better relationship with your cycle, emotions, intuition, and power of manifestation. Try making the Moonrise ritual a frequent one. Even if you can only commit one night a week, you'll still see progress in connecting with your body and your cycle. 

Repeating the ritual at each ovulation or menstruation will help you to further connect with your cycle. If you are no longer ovulating, try repeating this ritual on the new and full moons. Moonrise rituals are a great way to stay connected with and regulate your cycle. Artificial light plays a major role in our natural rhythms and can throw off our delicate hormonal balance. This impacts our cycles of sleep and menstruation. The more we reduce our exposure to artificial light and increase our time in the sun and moon light, the more connected we become to cycles and nature.

In 6 months for the Cancer full moon, take a look back at your journal entries and see how your cycle has changed. Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on the rituals we will be performing each month. For 6 months of personalized herbal medicines, nutrition, self-care, and rituals, explore the Moonrise Menstrual Reset.


Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.