Moonrise Menstrual Reset

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Moonrise Menstrual Reset

If you are experiencing irregular cycles, painful cycles, premenstrual symptoms, hormonal imbalance, infertility, or a general disconnection from your womb as a space of creation, join my Moonrise Menstrual Reset. 

Your 6 months of personalized Moon Medicine starts with a 1hr herbal consultation to determine the right herbs for you. In addition, I'll look at your astrological chart to tailor your rituals around your planetary alignment and intentions.Based on your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs I'll prepare your custom herbal medicines, self-care plan, nutrition guidelines, and rituals. Each month we'll have a 30min check-in where we'll talk herbs, life, and moon time. This will allow me to make any adjustments to your herbal remedies. You'll receive all your updated herbal medicines and herbs for your personalized rituals delivered to your door every full moon.

Your rituals will be centered around connecting with your menstrual cycle/womb as a source of nurturance and creation, releasing of trauma, and womb healing. The Moonrise Menstrual Reset culminates on the full moon in cancer. That's 6 months of one-on-one sessions, personalized herbal care, custom tinctures, flower essences, herbal oils, baths, and rituals!

This is an opportunity for you to work on your womb healing with a trained menstrual health herbalist and and medicine woman to see real improvements in your womb health. The reset is open to anyone with a womb not just those who are in their menstruation years.

The Moonrise Menstrual Reset is a 6 month auto-renewing subscription for $160/mo. Or $800 when paid in full. That’s the same as 1 month for free! Due to the personalized care participants will receive I’m offering a limited number of spaces. Sign up for the reset by sending me an email about why you think you're a good fit. This program is available to those in the US and Canada (with additional shipping costs for Canadian participants).

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Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.