Full Moon in Cancer Reading

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Welcome to 2018! Though we still have a few months before the beginning of the astrological new year, I still love celebrating and intention setting this time of year.

The Short Version: Set your intentions high and keeping your visions to yourself. The strong Cancer moon energy can bring up lots of emotions.

The Long Version: You’ve reached a new level in your journey but not without some scrapes, bumps, and bruises along the way. You also gained priceless experience, knowledge, and confidence in yourself. Each rough patch gifted you with brilliant perspective on how to continue moving forward.

It’s ok to make some adjustments to your original plan. Just be sure that any new wishes or adjustments you come up with are your own. Be mindful of the influences of those around you. Check your circle. As people contribute their 2 cents, pay attention to where people may project their own doubts and fears. This could cause you to doubt your own power to create. Holiday cocktails can bring out the best and worst of intentions. Wear your energetic cape and hold your most precious wishes close to your heart.

As you make plans for how to continue in your journey, you don’t have to share your next step. In fact, it may be better to keep your ideas and wishes to yourself. If you absolutely must share, keep in mind that not everyone will have your positive outlook. Don’t let anyone dim your excitement to the point you are having doubts about your own plans.

Something you’ve been working hard to attain or create for yourself is soon coming to fruition. Or you could just notice that things are working in your favor.

These cards can also speak to having doubts surrounding moving forward down the lesser traveled path. At some point you may have left the well worn trail and veered off on your own journey. You had a vision for yourself that required you to go your own way. Now there may be some doubt about where to go next or whether or not your decision was the right one. How do you navigate this new uncharted space? Faith and intuition.

Trust your own instincts and be mindful of how others could throw you off what you know is best. With the card of good luck, things are working in your favor. Just stay true to what you know is best for you.


Herbal recommendation: Columbine Flower Essence

I took this photo of columbine while wildcrafting in the Rockies over the summer. Columbine happens to be our state flower here in Colorado. It’s illegal to pick theses flowers so I made a ‘no-pick’ flower essence with them.

“Columbine is an amazing flower essence that helps re-invent, and re-consider one’s life and destiny. It is typically used when we need to move into a new chapter of our life biography, yet feel weighed down by the “inertia” of a past identity.” - Patricia Kaminski

When you are doubtful about the things you want or need in your life, columbine can be a wonderful ally. It can also be help you to put the experience and skills you’ve acquired (9 of wands from the reading above) into action. Trust yourself and gain the confidence you need to reach for the goals you’ve set for yourself in the new year.



Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.