Flower Power

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Meeting the Plant Spirits

Plants are energetic beings, each with their own unique vibration. A big part of my journey back to the plants began with seeing that energy during an ayahuasca ceremony. My experience in ceremony was rather calm in comparison to some of the other stories I’ve heard. When I sat with her, I had the experience of being called by the plants. Moon shining bright against the dark night sky. I looked around me and every plant danced in the cool tropical winds. As they moved, they whispered to me calling me closer to go sit with them. To hear them, listen to their stories, and experience their energy. Though that experience was years ago the imprint of the whispering plants is as fresh as the rain falling from the sky as I type this post.

What are Flower Essences?

Like ayahuasca, flower essences help one to heal emotional wounds. Unlike ayahuasca, you don't need to go to the jungle or spend all night purging to experience spiritual and emotional healing. Flower essences are made by infusing flowers in water in the sun or moon. The vibrational essence of the flower is imprinted in the water. The flower essence is then preserved with brandy or vegetable glycerine. Flower essences address the underlying emotional and mental causes of illness.

“Flower essence therapy is based on the insight that the human being is a microcosm profoundly related to the macrocosm of Nature.” - Patricia Kaminsky

Flower essences can be used alone but they combine well with other forms of healing. Because they are gentle energetic medicine they will not interfere with the actions of prescription medications or herbs.

Plant energetics are something I’ve continued to study and explore since my ceremony with ayahuasca. Flower essences have helped me with shifting my energy through my healing journey. For me, healing endometriosis was about discovering my path as a healer, reviving my role as a protector of the earth, and reconnecting with my divine feminine power.

Some of the strongest emotions I experienced with endometriosis are:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Extreme fear of pain (pain trauma)

  • Isolation

  • Hopelessness

  • Anger

  • Dissociation from body

  • Escapism

These were the worst years of my endometriosis pain. I know there are more that other women experience as well. And I would't doubt that anyone suffering from chronic pain has experienced this kind of darkness. During my healing I worked with a few flower essences at a time. I changed formulas as I reached new levels of healing and felt a shift in my energy. Towards the beginning I was focused more on the pain suffering, hopelessness, and escapism. As my body started to heal and I experienced less pain I focused on the trauma, anxiety, and pain trauma.

I’ve also used flower essences to help my transition from a job to my life’s work. Forming new ways of thinking about how I make a living for myself was no small feat. Learning to trust that I am on the right path and always supported in this journey was a big one. I don’t know what I thought faith was before this journey but I know what it is now. Having faith that my spirit guides are with me and I am in the right place took a lot of getting used to.

When I transitioned into working for myself, I pushed myself so hard that I barely slept. Self-care was always the last thing on my long list of to-do’s and I rarely reached the bottom. That’s where I learned my biggest lessons about faith.

Flower essences work in the subtle body. I notice a flower essence working when one day I realize that I need to create a new pattern or I recognize how a behavior I’m trying to shift is working against me. For me it’s like having an outsiders view.

Flower essences have also taught me to be gentle with myself. In our modern society healing is associated with drugs and surgery. Both of which can be very harsh and many times are applied to conditions that can be healed using much gentler methods. Even when taking the standard medical route it’s important to also look at the mental and emotional causes of illness. Shifting out of the energetic patterns that lead to suffering is a part of healing that is often overlooked. Flower essences are great as a stand alone remedy but I find they work best when used with other healing modalities. In my practice I combine them with herbs, massage, plant brushing, and spiritual healing sessions.

How to Use Flower Essences

When you buy flower essences they will be in a dark glass dropper bottle. You can take 3-9 drops directly under the tongue or:

  • In a glass of water (3-9 drops)

  • In a bath (about 20 drops)

  • Massaged onto your skin (6-9 drops)

  • In a spray bottle for your space or body (2-4 drops)

I prefer to take them directly or add them to my morning tea. Find the best method that works for you so that you are taking them 3-4 times a day. Take the flower essences consistently for 2-3 weeks to see the best results. Depending on your sensitivity you may feel an energetic shift within a few days.

Flower Essences for Chronic Pain Sufferers

  • Passionflower - helps one to understand the deeper meaning behind their own personal suffering

  • Wild rose - tendency to give up in the face of challenge in health, restoration of life force when challenged with a chronic illness

  • Borage - lack of confidence when faced with difficult circumstances

  • Self-heal - uncertainty about one’s power to heal, knowing from within the power of self-transformation

  • Gentian - the faith to keep going in spite of problems and setbacks, when perseverance is a challenge, especially in the face of problems where you are unable to find a solution; Shifting from doubt into seeing a new perspective

  • Gorse - Restores hope for recovery to someone who’s souls is weighed down by discouragement or darkness

  • Mimulus - shift out of fear related to the physical body or life

  • Star of Bethlehem - for one who’s unresolved trauma shows up in the physical body; Combine with massage to heal past or present trauma which is stuck in the body


Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.