Flower Essences for PMS


The Dark Moon Phase

Flower essences are energetic and emotional remedies. They are an herbal infusion of flowers into water. By making the infusion in the sun or moonlight the energetic imprint of the flower is captured in the water. Flower essences can be taken orally, added to a bath, or applied to the skin. When we take flower essences they help to shift us on an energetic level. Energetic shifts can shift our emotions, allow us to have self-discoveries, and remove mental or emotional blocks. Flower essences help us see ourselves and make changes.

What I love about flower essences is that anyone can take them young or old and regardless of any other medicines or therapies they are using. Flower essences are preserved in brandy. Since a dosage is only a few drops, adding them to water makes them safe for those with alcohol sensitivity. 

The dark moon phase of the menstrual cycle is the 4-6 days before bleeding. This is when our emotions are in flux and cheesy movies can make us cry. Some of us experience noticeable changes in our mood, sadness, anger, frustration, or all of the above. On top of that we are expected to hold it all in and not make others uncomfortable with our emotions.

Flower essences can help on an energetic level to bring balance to the fluctuations of emotions that come with the dark moon phase. Some of my favorite flower essences for PMS include:

Ocotillo - helps when we have subconscious or unexpressed feelings that erupt in uncontrolled ways, helps bring insight and acceptance of our emotions without feeling victimized by them

Immortal -  helpful for resolving feelings of despair, feeling that problems are insoluble, and feeling inadequate; realize the magnificence that you really are, and stop identifying yourself with negativity

Chamomile - for emotional balance and a sunny disposition

Violet Curls - for releasing emotional congestion in a balanced way and re-balancing the emotional center; for those who feel weighed down by their emotions by allowing one to not take them as seriously

Silver Leaf - an essence that connects one to the moon and goddess energy, for bringing light to those in the darkness

The Dark Moon flower essence blend was crafted for those who have noticeable emotional shifts before beginning their moon (menstrual cycle). Since it's a flower essence, change will happen on an energetic and emotional level. This can show up by inspiring us to make changes and shift our personal lives and surroundings.

PMS flower essence.jpg

If you have PMS or PMDD it's also important to include other remedies and self-care practices to bring more balance to your life. Liver supporting herbs can help to clear excess hormones which can play a big role in your mood. My herbal coffee was created to help with pms symptoms and menstrual cramping caused by excess hormones and toxins in the body. Treating your body with nourishing and anti-inflammatory foods that are low in estrogen, also helps with pms symptoms. Think veggie curries and mushroom soups.

Regardless of any other medicines you are using flower essences can help you see shifts in your emotional state. Combine them with herbs, diet, and lifestyle shifts for the most change. 


Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.