Herbs for Empaths


As an empath, I've learned to protect myself energetically over the years. Lately though, my mood has been easily influenced by the things or people around me. It's been quite unsettling as I’m not a fan of my mood being so easily swayed. To get things back on track I turned to the plants for some assistance. Here are some of my favorite herbs for emotional balance:

Oatstraw: supports the nervous system and has a mild flavor making it easy to blend with most herbs in teas

Nettle leaf: a nutritive herb that helps improve the body’s resistance, nourishes and tones the veins, and cleanses the blood, supports the adrenals and the endocrine (hormone) glands

Dandelion root: a detoxifier that supports the liver and kidneys and helps to clear the body of stored negative emotions such as anger and fear

Linden: an herb that helps to calm the nerves and move stagnant energy.

Lavender: helps to calm the body on a physical level and remove negative energies on a spiritual level

Sage: an aromatic herb that helps promote mental alertness and soothes anxiety

This combination of herbs helps to support the body’s natural detoxification pathways, restore vitamins and minerals, calm the body, and move unwanted energy that’s settled in. This blend, with a little spearmint for added flavor, is what makes up my Temperance tea

Temperance in the tarot, is a card of balance, patience, and clearing. It's about clearing patterns of imbalance that could be stressing you or bringing up an overly emotional state. When the temperance card shows up in a reading it asks you to reconnect with your own harmonious energy. It also asks you to remove anything that could be negatively effecting your state of well being. The water energy of the card speaks to your emotional state and recognizing when you are in need of a spiritual and emotional cleansing which brings you back to a state of balance.

Lemon Balm is another wonderful herb for lifting the spirits. I didn’t add this one to my tea blend because it’s not recommended for those who have an under active thyroid. If this is not an issue for you, I highly recommend adding some lemon balm to your tea blends.

You can also try adding white yarrow flower essence to your tea for an extra boost of energetic protection. White yarrow flower essence helps prevent those who are energetically sensitive from being drained by people around them. It helps to keep your energy intact while moving through the world.

The ritual of brewing a pot of tea helps to calm and center us. The action is one of self-care which can be calming in and of itself. Herbs can be a gentle remedy that supports your mental and emotional states. Though the herbs I've listed are generally safe in moderation, you should always do your due diligence before starting any herbal regimen. If you'd like to work with an herbalist one-on-one, schedule an appointment with me. Take care of yourself.


Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.