Herbs for Stress and Change


Oatstraw and Eleuthero

Lately I've been feeling that calm before the storm type of energy. In order to prepare for the big life change that is coming I've been supporting my nervous system and adrenals with nourishing herbs. Herbs that support the adrenals and nervous system are our best allies during times of stress of significant change. The best herbs for stress fall into the category of nervines and adaptogens. 

What is an adaptogen? These are herbs that act on the nervous system, adrenal glands, and the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain). They support us by acting to reduce the physical manifestations of stress. Adaptogens are best used over longer periods of time.

Nervines are herbs that have a calming effect on the nervous system. They are gentle, nourishing, and balancing. Nervines can fall into the categories of relaxing, sedative, pain reliving  emotional balancing, adaptogens, or stimulants

Eleuthero is an herb that enhances performance and energy levels. Discover more adaptogenic herbs or book a consultation on Moon Medicine.

Eleuthero (adaptogen)- immune modulating, stress reducing, performance/energy enhancing, improves adrenal function, non-stimulating, and a great general tonic after childbirth

Oatstraw (nervine, emotional balancing)- nourishes the nervous system especially during times of stress, quiets an overactive mind, relaxes tension, and balances emotions

Oatstraw is an herb that nourishes the nervous system and is helpful for stress. Learn more about oatstraw or book an appointment with an herbalist on Moon Medicine.

The Tower Tea: Oatstraw, catip, chamomile, lemon balm*, eleuthero, and lavender
In tarot, the tower shows up when our foundations start to crumble and life gets a good shake up. We may not always see why the change is happening until after the fact. This tea blend is helpful for times of unexpected stress and change.

*lemon balm is not for those with low thyroid function


Raven Rose

Denver based medicine woman.