Cultivating Womb Wellness

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Cultivating Womb Wellness


Join us for an evening of menstrual magic as we dive into herbs, yoga, and self-care for womb wellness. The womb is connected to the root chakra, which is also known as our creative center. When we are disconnected from the womb, we’re disconnected from our power to create. Contrary to patriarchal beliefs, babies aren’t the only things we nourish in our womb space. This is also where our creative projects, business ideas, and new versions of ourselves comes from. In this workshop we dive deep into nourishing our connection with the womb through working with plant remedies, yoga, and womb massage.

This night of womb wisdom will help you develop your own self-care routine that reconnects you to your creative center and helps balance your cycle. We close with a guided journey and intention setting for 2019. Say goodbye to 2018 with us for a night of womb wisdom, flow, and plant magic.

Location: Color-up Therapeutics

Cost: $40 and $45 at the door

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