Womb Work Ritual


Womb Work Ritual


*Priority shipping is included in the price of the ritual kit however Canadian residents will incur a higher shipping charge.

You are purchasing the ritual during the presale. You will gain access to the ritual content on May 4th. Your herbs will be delivered to you before the start of the ritual on May 11th. The digital content will be delivered in an online course format where you’ll get access to my online school. The live ritual will be performed in a small group so purchasing during the pre-sale secures your spot!

This ritual combines ancestral guidance, herbal remedies, traditional womb care practices, spiritual baths, dreamwork, and intuitive development. Over the course of 7 nights you'll have the opportunity to connect with an ancestral guide who can help you in understanding some of the spiritual and emotional root causes of your menstrual or womb imbalances. Through this ritual you may see how ancestral trauma in your lineage is manifesting in your physical body and receive guidance on steps you can take towards coming back into balance.

Your guided ritual includes:

  • 3 guided meditations

  • 7 videos to guide you through the ritual

  • 7 days of organic herbal teas

  • 2 spiritual herb baths

  • Hand crafted organic Yoni steam herbs and/or womb massage oil

  • Specific instruction on how to do self-care womb massage (in the Mayan tradition)

  • A 40-minute downloadable Yoga Nidra for womb healing

  • Access to the Womb Ritual Circle FaceBook group

  • 3 Live group check-ins


The entire group portion runs from May 13th and close on the 19th (during the full moon in Scorpio).

Our live opening ceremony will be on Saturday May 11th at 11am MT. The live check-in happens on Wednesday May 15th at 6pm MT, and the live closing ceremony will be on Saturday May 25th at 12pm MT. The ritual is set to run between the 12th and the 19th which allows for you to start or finish a day or two later should your schedule require it. It is recommended to complete the entire ritual portion in 7 nights without gaps but there is some leeway as our closing ceremony will be 6 days after the last day of your ritual.

It is spaced this way to allow you time for processing so that you may bring your questions to the closing ceremony Q&A. Also, by having the closing ceremony on a Saturday, more of you will be able to attend.

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