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Kambo is a poisonous secretion from the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog of the Amazon. It has been used by local tribes for hunting and to clear Panema (spiritual illness). On a physical level Kambo can detox the body, strengthens the immune system and activate self-healing within the body. Kambo has also been used to clear emotional and ancestral trauma.

While there has been no modern clinical research done on humans to illustrate its curative nature, there are a number of people that have experienced the benefits of Kambo. It has been used to help conditions including allergies, skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism and joint disorders, chronic illness, infections, malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, epilepsy, infertility, depression, and much more. 

The traditional Kambo ceremony should only be done by a trained practitioner who understands proper administration and the risks involved. I received my Kambo training with the highly regarded teachers at Kambo Naturista in the Amazon Jungle. In this intense training I learned the safe use of Kambo in the natural setting of the Amazon.

To find out if Kambo is right for you please contact me or book a discovery call for an assessment.

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Phyllomedusa bicolor

The giant monkey tree frog lives in the Amazon jungle and has no natural predators. As we continue to learn and benefit from the healing properties of its poisonous secretions, it's important to educate ourselves on our impact. To collect the poison of this frog strings are tied around it's arms and legs in order to induce stress. Stress is what causes the frog to secrete it's poison which is scraped off and onto a stick. That poison dries onto the stick and is used for Kambo ceremonies around the world.

As someone who is extremely sensitive to our impact on the world and the creatures we share it with, ethical sourcing of any "medicine" is important to me. What I love about my teachers is that they are very connected to the source of their medicines. Unlike other organizations that place orders for thousands of kambo sticks at a time, without knowing how the frogs are being treated. As a commitment to the frog and to you, I will only source my kambo from people who are treating the frogs with respect. For me, the medicine is no longer medicine when frogs are being harmed. 

If you are interested in working with Kambo in your healing, know that it is not a "miracle drug". Kambo will not solve all of your health issues in the matter of a 3 day initiation. Working with Kambo means making a commitment to your health and taking responsibility for your actions. Kambo is not something you do to detox then go back to an unhealthy lifestyle. It has helped many people overcome chronic illness, infertility, drug addiction, depression, and even ancestral trauma. Part of that healing comes from a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, diet, herbs, self-care, and other healing therapies. 

Kambo can be extremely helpful for those on a healing journey. It's a powerful poison that helps the body to purge toxins and reset. If you are interested in working with this kind of therapy I also encourage you to consider working with me in other capacities such as natural plant medicines and ancestor work.

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The Kambo Experience

When poison enters the body, the body goes through a process of eliminating all toxins including the poison that was introduced. Kambo is a poisonous secretion from the giant monkey tree frog and when introduced to the body acts as a powerful detoxifier that encourages the release of toxins in the body, clears the mind, and removes spiritual blockages. 

Some tribes of the Amazon use kambo to clear themselves from “panema“ (bad luck/negative energy). Panema is an accumulation of heavy energies that build up like plaque and loom over our energetic bodies blocking us from seeing our paths clearly. That could be a path to health, a path to love, or a path to abundance. Kambo also helps us to clear the weight of our past hardships and traumas, and those of our ancestors as well.

Kambo ceremony is 1-1.5 hours long from open to close. We begin with a talk about your health and wellness goals before beginning. Then superficial burns are made on the skin. I like to call these "gates" for the Kambo to enter the body. After drinking 2.5 liters of water the poison then goes on the gates and the ceremony deepens. The body begins to heat up as the poision travels to the organs. Then the purging begins. Kambo triggers a purging of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual toxins.

After the purge and a well deserved nap, most people feel very bright, awake, alive, and more connected to their true selves. There's a saying I learned in my time in the Amazon, "Kambo shiny". It refers to the happy, sparkly feeling that exudes from a person after Kambo. It's the light that pours out of their eyes revealing to themselves and others their essence and highest self. Each Kambo session (or initiation) with me also includes a custom flower essence remedy to support you energetically and mentally as you align with your health and your path.


A Kambo initiation is 3 days of kambo in one moon cycle. For anyone who has never experienced Kambo it is important to complete the 3 sessions in order to receive the most benefit.

The first Kambo session helps to clear the years of toxins built up in the body. The second session goes a bit deeper working on the physical, mental, and emotional build-up. The third session is when things can get deeper and Kambo can work on clearing the spiritual and ancestral illnesses. While some people may require further sessions for a deeper treatment plan, starting with the 3-day initiation will help to determine if, or when further sessions are needed.

Keep in mind that the healing benefits of Kambo are often felt for weeks and months after the initiation.

When working with me first time Kambo participants must commit to the 3 ceremony initiation. I offer these initiations 3 days back-to-back as I find it to be the most effective initial treatment. 

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Kambo frog medicine. Book your denver Kambo ceremony.

book a Ceremony

Every kambo session with me is one-on-one. You receive my full attention and focus throughout your ceremony. The total cost for a Kambo initiation is $450 ($150 per session). A deposit of $100 is collected at the time of booking with the remainder being due on the first day of your initiation. Before booking your ceremony schedule a Kambo discovery call with me. This is where we talk about your health and wellness goals to determine if Kambo is a good fit for you.

Stand alone sessions are available for those who have already worked with Kambo. Stand alone sessions are $150. If we have never worked together before you will be required to have a Kambo discovery call with me prior to your session. 

If you think Kambo may be helpful to you in your healing, contact me or schedule your discovery call to learn more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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