Kambo Journey

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My Kambo Journey

My first experience with Kambo was on Valentines day in 2015. It was 3 years into my natural healing journey. My endometriosis pain was better in the sense that I had pain for 2-3 days versus 5-10 days. The pain was still completely unbearable. I couldn't fathom how someone could experience so much pain and still be alive. At one point I thought I was cursed. I'd been trying so hard but the pain was still physically excruciating and ripping my soul apart.

About a year or two before hand I learned about ayahuasca and I knew it was a medicine I wanted to work with. I waited patiently until it crossed my path. About 2 weeks before my first ayahuasca experience I had a dream I was walking in the jungle at night. I was on a clear path flanked with tall trees on either side. They stretched high into the starry midnight sky. As I walked down the path I noticed I was carrying a drum. Something similar to a djembe drum. When I looked down at the drum the word ayahuasca glowed in deep red, like hot coals, around the curve of the drum. The word was almost burned into the hide and certainly into my mind. 

About a day or two later an old friend called me and asked if I wanted to attend an ayahuasca ceremony the following week. She also mentioned that a medicine man would be there administering Kambo. At the time I knew nothing of Kambo but did my research before the ceremony. The first part of the ceremony was rather mild, aside from the vomiting. The entire night the trees and plants spoke to me inviting me to come closer, to sit with them. Time passed and the sun began to rise, it was time for Kambo. John, the medicine man, spoke to us about the medicine and I was immediately drawn to it. I quickly asked my friends if they could spot me the extra money to experience the frog medicine.

I sat down next to the medicine man who put 3 superficial burns on my skin and asked me a few basic questions. He put the poison on and soon after I was sitting quietly with the feeling of a million tiny hummingbirds fluttering in every cell of my body. I purged bright green bile and my face swelled, somewhat resembling the frog who's venom was rushing through my body. It felt awful but within 15 minutes the intense feelings subsided and the swelling started going down.

After the purge I felt immense joy, positivity, and readiness for life. I was ready for my life's journey and to continue fighting for my health. Within 3 years I went from teaching nutrition and cooking classes in Miami to owning a full herbal practice and apothecary in Denver, Colorado. In that time I also spent a month in the Amazon completing my Kambo Naturista Practitioner training. 

This is a very short version of my experience. To learn more about how this poison is used as medicine, visit the Kambo page. To book a ceremony with me or schedule a discovery call check out the Kambo booking page.