Women's Herbalism 

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The Practice

For thousands of years women have collected plants to create remedies to heal their loved ones and communities. Drawing on ancestral wisdom, Moon Medicine is an herbal practice focused on women's health through the use of plant medicines, healthy lifestyle, spiritual development and spiritual healing. Raven Rose, women's health herbalist and creator of Moon Medicine, recognizes that spiritual wellbeing and physical wellbeing are intimately connected. As such, Raven helps women restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. She believes in looking at the person as a whole rather than a list of symptoms. She will consider your individual constitution, nature, and lifestyle to recommend the most suitable herbal, dietary, and lifestyle changes for your healing. 

Raven received her training at Artemisia and Rue with herbalist Shelley Torgove. She also studied in Valladolid, Mexico with midwife Doña Maria and spiritual healer Don Bernardo. Her healing lineage connects her to the traditional practices of both the mountain west and Latin America. Raven was taught how to heal spiritual illnesses, how to realign the body's energetic center, and the practice of Mayan massage.

Mayan massage is useful for women who are having trouble becoming pregnant, irregular cycles, difficult periods, digestive issues, and menopause. After your massage Raven will give you all the tools and instructions to massage yourself in between treatments. Self-care is an important part of Moon Medicine, rather than leaving a session with just custom blended herbal remedies you'll also receive a personalized regime that will help you to better understand and connect with your own body. 

Raven comes from a Cuban and Jamaican family with roots in West and South African traditional healing practices. Traditional medicine in her personal lineage includes divination, a tool used to explore the inner self. There are many forms of divination but Raven works specifically with dreams and tarot. She started working with her dreams at the age of 7 and reading tarot at the age of 29. In the Moon Medicine practice, dreamwork and tarot can be used to gain a better understanding of our spiritual and emotional selves. After a tarot reading or dreamwork session Raven provides herbal remedies to help facilitate spiritual growth and development.



Spiritual Healing

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Raven believes that spiritual and physical healing are intertwined. As spiritual beings we are susceptible to spiritual illness. This can be caused by anything from childhood or past life trauma to grief, envy, or jealousy. Raven uses simple yet effective techniques that have been passed down to her through her family heritage as well as training she received from traditional healers in the Yucatan. Spiritual healing is a gentle practice that may involve anything from plant brushings to drumming and song. Many times you will be given herbal remedies such as teas or baths to take after your spirit healing session.



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Raven began her examining and journaling her journeys into the dream world at the age of 7. Her exploration of dream states and meditation expanded as she began her endometriosis natural healing journey 7 years ago. Dreams are a direct connection to the spirit world and can help guide us and provide direction in our waking lives. Raven helps you to reconnect with your dreams, work with your spirit guides, and learn how to understand the messages you receive from dream and meditative states. She also makes and blends herbal teas, tinctures, and elixirs to help enhance dream recall, clarity, and lucidity.  




Raven comes from a Jamaican and Afro-Cuban heritage. When she began doing her first tarot readings for her family, she found out that she was a 4th generation card reader. She found this out after they'd already passed but through herbs, ritual, and dreams she established a spiritual connection with her aunts and great grandmother. With this connection she learned deeper meanings of the cards through her dreams. Raven's readings are ancestrally guided and include an herbal remedy. Herbs help to connect you with the energies that most support you on your path. 



Work with Raven

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