Ancestral Womb Work Ritual

Do you feel disconnected from your womb or menstrual cycle?

Have you been dealing with chronic menstrual issues like endometriosis, PCOS, or PMDD?

Do you have chronic vaginal pain? Or unexplained pain with sex?

Do you experience irregular cycles in spite of your healthy lifestyle?

Have you tried changing your diet and lifestyle but are still experiencing difficulty with your menstrual cycle?

Do you have unresolved sexual trauma?

Did your mother experience sexual trauma?

Join herbalist Raven Rose for a 7-night guided ritual using dreams, ancestral guidance, herbs, and self-care for discovering spiritual and emotional imbalances connected to the womb. This ritual is for anyone who has been working on healing the womb and menstrual cycle but feels a need to see shifts on a deeper level. The first group ritual begins May 11th.

Why ritual?

Ritual brings us closer to the spirit realm. Whether it’s blessing the water before a shower or singing to the ancestors on Saturday mornings, ritual is an active recognition and connnection with spirit. Rituals are filled with intent, energy, and mystery. Through ritual we can see positive changes and transformations in our lives. Where we focus our energy expands. In this ritual, the energy is focused on uncovering ancestral trauma connected with the womb so that we may identify them and make changes to transform and move past them.


Ancestors and the womb

In my menstural health practice, Ive discovered a common thread among those dealing with chronic issues. What most of them have in common is that in addition to menstrual (or mental) health issues they are also carrying ancestral trauma. Through this riutal and under the guidance of a helpful ancestral guide we uncover the root of this trauma and work on healing the lineage.

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Herbs and Self-care

This 7-night ritual incorporates self-care practices and herbs to see a larger benefit for those addressing womb related issues. Each night of the ritual you will be doing a vaginal steam, followed by womb massage in the mornings. The cost of the ritual includes all of the herbs that will be used for self-care, a Womb Nourish tea, and a calendula-ginger Womb Massage Oil.


The ritual combines ancestral guidance, herbal remedies, traditional womb care practices, spiritual baths, dreamwork, and intuitive development. Over the course of 7 nights you'll have the opportunity to connect with an ancestral guide who can help you in understanding some of the spiritual and emotional root causes of your menstrual or womb imbalances. Through this ritual you may see how ancestral trauma in your lineage is manifesting in your physical body and receive guidance on steps you can take towards coming back into balance.

Your guided ritual includes:

  • 3 guided ancestor meditations for womb healing

  • 7 videos to guide you through the details of the ritual

  • 7 days of organic herbal teas

  • 2 spiritual herb baths

  • Hand crafted organic Yoni steam herbs womb massage oil

  • Specific instruction on how to do self-care womb massage (in the Mayan tradition)

  • A 40-minute downloadable Yoga Nidra for womb healing

  • Access to the Womb Ritual Circle FaceBook group

  • 3 Live group check-ins

If you said yes to any of these, the ancestral womb ritual may help you with spiritual and emotional healing around your womb and menstrual cycle. In any healing process it's important to address spiritual and emotional healing along with physical healing. The spiritual body influences the emotional and physical body and visa versa. Epigenetics shows us that trauma can change our DNA and impact the physical body and expressions of dis-ease for subsequent generations in the lineage.

Over the years one of the common threads I've seen in my private practice is the way unresolved ancestral trauma remains in the lineage until someone does the work to repair it. This trauma often manifests in the womb and a combination of herbs, diet, lifestyle, and spiritual healing can prove to be a major part of healing these menstrual imbalances. This guided ritual was created to help people address the ancestral traumas that live in our blood, in our spirit, and is expressed in our physical bodies.

Performing ritual as a group is something that all of our ancestors did as it takes a community to heal. By conducting this ritual as a group we are able to tap into a deeper well of healing and transformation. Though we may not be sitting in circle physically we will be in circle in the virtual space. Through our facebook group you'll have the opportunity to connect with others who are deep in their womb healing journeys. The group is a safe space for us to discuss anything that may come up during ritual as well as insights gained in the healing process.

When is does the ritual begin?

You'll begin the ritual on May 13th and close on the 19th (during the full moon in Scorpio). Our live opening ceremony will be on Saturday May 11th at 2pm MT. The live check-in happens on Wednesday May 15th at 6pm MT, and the live closing ceremony will be on Saturday May 25th at 2pm MT. The ritual is set to run between the 12th and the 19th which allows for you to start or finish a day or two later should your schedule require it. It is recommended to complete the entire ritual portion in 7 nights without gaps but there is some leeway as our closing ceremony will be 6 days after the last day of your ritual.

It is spaced this way to allow you time for processing so that you may bring your questions to the closing ceremony Q&A. Also, by having the closing ceremony on a Saturday, more of you will be able to attend.

What is the cost to join?

The group ritual including is $200 including the price of shipping your herbs (within the US).


The ritual massage and steams should not be performed during menstruation. If you happen to start menstruating during the ritual, please contact me so that I may send you instructions on how to finish the ritual with the group without the steams and massage. If this happens, I encourage you to start the steams and massage once your cycle ends.

If you have an IUD I advise against doing the steams and womb massage. Please consult with your healthcare provider for more information about IUD safety. You can take part in the ritual but please contact me before the ritual begins to discuss alternatives to the steam and massage.

Who should not do the yoni steaming portion of the ritual?

  • Anyone who expereinces heavy menstrual bleeding. Bleeding that soaks through one or more tampons or pads every hour for several hours in a row. (for assistance with this you may want to book a private Womb Wellness session)

  • Bleeding that lasts more than 7 days

  • Menstrual flow with blood clots that are as big as a quarter or larger.

  • Currently experience hot flashes, no reason to heat yourself up even further

  • Currently experiencing a herpes outbreak

  • Currently experiencing an active infection, whether vaginal or UTI, bladder or kidney?

  • If you currently have perineal tears or stitches. The heat may hurt and/or aggravate these conditions.

  • Currently have an IUD

Who should not perform the ritual?

  • Currently pregnant

  • Recently had a miscarriage (please speak with me as this ritual can be a helpful part of your healing with proper timing)

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