Herbal Remedies


Herbal consultations are focused on physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Your consultation includes a downloadable pdf healing protocol addressing diet, lifestyle, self-care and herbs. This offering is focused on womb health issues such as PMS, irregular cycles, infertility, mood (depression, anxiety), endometriosis, vaginal infections and imbalances, hormonal changes and menopause. 



Flower essences are energetic and emotional remedies. They help us to shift our vibration and move past disharmony. This session includes a phone call where we discuss your emotional and energetic needs. Then I create a custom flower essence remedy and ritual. Each ritual is unique to your emotional and energetic needs. Ritual is an active step towards the changes you seek and should coincide with starting your flower essence remedy. Your flower essence blend will be shipped to you within 7 business days of our talk. Shipping fees are included for your 1oz (2 mo supply) flower essence blend. The details of your ritual are sent via email.


Plant Brushings are traditionally used for spiritual healing, to cleanse the aura, and remove energies that do not belong. This session opens with a tarot reading to receive ancestral guidance and direct the spiritual healing session. Then fresh plants are brushed over the body. This helps to remove blockages, renew our connection to our higher selves, and receive clear communication from our guides and ancestors. 

*Seasonal offering


Womb Work


Womb Massage

Initial session | Follow-up

90 Mins | 75 mins
$160 | $100

Mayan abdominal and uterine massage helps to relieve painful cycles, restore fertility, reposition the uterus, aid digestion, and center the body energetically. This session may include Moxa and cupping to further aid in circulation. Initial sessions close with a lesson on how to do self-care uterine massage in-between office visits. You also receive remedies focused on physical, emotional, and spiritual healing which may  include integrative work each week between our sessions such as journal prompts, meditations, or rituals.


The package includes 3 Womb Work massage sessions, an initial session and 2 follow-ups. Each session includes herbal recommendations (as needed). These sessions are focused on shifting your relationship with your body, bringing your womb into proper alignment, and releasing trauma stuck in the body. I want you to walk away from each session with a better understanding of your body and with tools you can use for your own self-care for years to come.


Ancestor & Past Life Work


This session is a combination of divination and spiritual journeying. We open with an energy clearing then move into divination to establish a connection with your helpful ancestral guide. Ancestors typically show you answers to the bigger questions in life. The session closes with instructions on how to continue working with your ancestral guide and how to conduct an opening ceremony. 


In this session you will journey into a past life guided by voice and shamanic drumming. Crystals placed on and around the body help you to access past lives. Past life exploration can help you to understand your path in this life and important lessons learned in previous lives. Your session includes a flower remedy that can help you to work with the energy that came up in the session.
*This session is only available in my Denver office.




A dreamwork exploration session helps you to uncover and understand your dreams. Interpretation is followed by personalized rituals and a sound healing guided meditation. The guided meditation will allow you to step back into a dream with an element of lucidity. This session includes herbs in the form of tinctures, teas, or incense to help you further your dreamwork.


This reading provides you with practical advice channeled from your helpful ancestors. The spread illuminates day to day actions, steps to transform, ancestral guidance, and soul purpose. This reading includes an herbal recommendation to assist you in working through the energies that come up in your cards.


Love and Relationship readings help to provide clarity on matters of the heart. This reading applies to both couples* and singles. Each reading will provide practical steps you can take to heart opening and healthy relationships. Your reading will also include an herbal recommendation/recipe for love. 
*For couples readings, you are welcome to come with your partner.