Chronic Wellness Flower Essence

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Chronic Wellness Flower Essence

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For an energetic shift out of pain and suffering, understanding the underpinnings of illness, and restoring faith in self-healing abilities.

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Directions: Take a 3-9 drops a day. Place under the tongue or in a water. Flower essences can also be applied to the skin or added to a bath. Take consistently for 2-4 weeks to see the best results.

Borage - restore confidence in the face difficult circumstances; uplifting for a heavy heart

Gentian - the faith to keep going in spite of problems and setbacks, when perseverance is a challenge, especially in the face of problems where you are unable to find a solution; shifting from doubt into seeing a new perspective

Mimulus - with chronic health issues come constant health challenges which can instill fear around ever being able to get well; shift out of fear related to the physical body or life

Passionflower - helps one to understand the deeper meaning behind their own personal suffering

Self-heal - uncertainty about one’s power to heal, knowing from within the power of self-transformation

This flower essence blend also contains an essence of sacred cenote water. Cenotes are underground water caves. Cenotes form a network of water from deep underground. The particular cenote where this essence was sourced was outside of Xocén, Mexico. The cenote has been used for spiritual healing for centuries and remains under the care of an elder in the community. This particular cenote is not open to the public. The energy from this cenote was quite powerful and the water was collected with permission. What I've gathered from working with this essence is that it helps one to see beyond the shadows of illness and instills vision and hope for a healthy future. Renewing, and cleansing the spirit for the journey that lies ahead.

Flower essences work on the energetic, emotional, and mental aspects of ourselves. If you’ve ever worked with the law of attraction, you know how powerful the mind and emotional states are to getting what we want out of life. Not only that but our mental and emotional state dictate how we receive life and how we show up for it. Flower essences are powerful tools for mental and emotional growth. Combined with other therapies, flower essences can help you to heal past trauma, restore individuality, shift out of negative patterns, and so much more.