PMS Less Tincture

PMS Less Tincture

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A blend of liver supporting herbs that is best taken for 6 days before the cycle begins. Supporting the liver's natural detoxification process allows the body to get rid of excess hormones that can contribute to pms symptoms. This can be helpful for reducing mood swings, bloating, cramps, and breakouts. 

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Ingredients: Dandelion root and leaf, burdock root, sarsaparilla, bupleurum root, white yarrow, and chamomile flower essence 

For best results take 3 droppers full 3 times a day. The 2oz bottle will last 6 days and the 4oz will last 12.

This tincture is best combined with an anti-inflammatory and low estrogen diet. Think plant based whole foods. For a herbal and dietary regime tailored to meet your specific needs, schedule an herbal consultation.

Not for use in pregnancy.