Dark Moon Pain Tincture

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Dark Moon day.jpg

Dark Moon Pain Tincture

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This tincture blend was crafted to help reduce menstrual pain and the anxiety that may come with it. 

Pairs well with the Dark Moon Night tincture.

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Acute dosage: 3 droppers every 15 minutes for up to 2 hours then 3 droppers every hour or two hours. Take in water.

Normal Dosage: 3 droppers every hour as needed, up to 8 hours. Take in water.

Ingredients: peony root, yarrow, corydalis, cramp bark, echinacea, motherwort in grain alcohol

All herbs used are organic or sustainably wildcrafted.

Motherwort and yarrow grow abundantly in the Rocky Mountains. I take care to only wild craft in areas where the plants are in abundance and leave plenty of plants to reseed.