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Mindful Masturbation and Moon Medicine

  • Moon Medicine 1730 North Gaylord Street Denver, CO, 80206 United States (map)

Herbalist Raven Rose and Dori G. Lewis, LPC have come together to bring you a 3-day workshop on Mindful Masturbation and Moon Medicine.

What is Moon Medicine?

Moon Medicine is the combination of herbs, self-care, and spiritual practices focused on restoring balance to your moon (menstrual cycle) and womb. Modern herbalism, traditional healing practices, and ancestor work are combined to help people who bleed (menarche to menopause) understand their bodies, correct imbalances, and reconnect with their cycles. Moon Medicines include a deep understanding of the menstrual cycle (fluids, hormones, and connection to the earth), self-care practices like womb massage and yoni steaming, and herbs for physical, emotional, and spiritual support, as well as the healing of ancestral traumas expressed through the womb.

What is Mindful Masturbation?

(Yoni) Masturbation Meditation¬© is a Mindful Masturbation technique and self-healing practice developed by Dori G. Lewis, LPC that combines sexual identity development with spiritual practice. The process allows for a people with vulvas to connect with their yoni physically by practicing body mindfulness and with their spirit through their pleasure, all while self stimulation is being practiced. This method is also combined with psycho-education around vaginal shame as well as sexual shame with the goal of undoing this shame by bringing sexuality and authentic sexual pleasure out from the shadow and into the light through deep self awareness and presence with self. 

Join two highly skilled, educated, empowered, and vulnerable women who have come together to bring you 3 days of radical self-love and self-discovery through the practices of Mindful Masturbation and Moon Medicine. Each day will cover mindful practices and rituals that help you understand and connect with your yoni, moon, and womb. Rediscover the power within through sacred practices and authentic sexual pleasure. 

Friday 6:30p-8:30p

Saturday and Sunday 11a-2p

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