Womb Ritual Candles_Tiny.png

Here is a copy of the Womb Work Ritual!

I highly encourage you to join the group ritual where you’ll have my support and a healing circle through this very powerful ritual. Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • 3 guided ancestor meditations for womb healing

  • 7 videos to guide you through the details of the ritual

  • 7 days of organic herbal teas

  • 2 spiritual herb baths

  • Hand crafted organic Yoni steam herbs womb massage oil

  • Specific instruction on how to do self-care womb massage (in the Mayan tradition)

  • A 40-minute downloadable Yoga Nidra for womb healing

  • Access to the Womb Ritual Circle FaceBook group

  • 3 Live group check-ins